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YEARLY MANAGEMENT PLAN – An annual management plan can be developed for the Association. This includes a schedule of the events affecting the Association over the period of a year, listing of goals and objectives with deadlines, and appropriate budgeting to accomplish the goals.

STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES AND POLICY REVIEWS – This includes a review of the Association’s operating procedures and policies and recommendations for improvement.

PERIODIC INVENTORY OF ASSOCIATION PROPERTY – This includes a listing of all property that is not part of the common elements such as: pool furniture, club room furniture, etc.

MINUTE TRANSCRIPTION – Most experts recommend that the Association’s minutes be taken by the Board Secretary, a Board Member, or an independent third party. This will allow the majority of the Board and Manager to actively participate in the meeting discussions. If the AMI manager is requested to also be Acting Secretary for the meeting, minutes will only reflect topics discussed, and resultant direction or motions including Board voting.

NEWSLETTER – AMI will provide the editing, typing, and distribution of a newsletter written by the Board designated person(s).

POLICIES AND PROCEDURES – We have developed many policies and procedures that can be adopted as is or used as models for your own customized policies and procedures. Examples include social media policies, code of conduct, rules enforcement, record inspection, meeting procedures, and collections.

RESIDENT ORIENTATION – We recommend holding an orientation for new residents on a regular basis. Our team can assist in organizing and facilitating this event. This is especially helpful for newly developing communities. 


LEGAL (ATTORNEY) LIAISON – AMI has worked with most attorneys in the area that specialize in Association Law. As a result of our extensive experience with attorneys that specialize in Association Law, we can save the Association significant dollars in legal expenses by assisting in defining the issue and proper communication to legal counsel for review. AMI will act as a liaison to the Association’s attorney.


INSURANCE LIAISON – This includes the preparation of insurance bid specifications, comparative schedules of quotations, completion of bond applications and mortgagee certificates, review of existing coverage, analysis of the market and advise regarding existing and future coverage.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING ATTENDANCE – AMI’s Community Association Manager will attend Board Meetings to discuss with the Board any of the work that AMI has undertaken since the last meeting and to assist the Board in compliance with its Documents, and Colorado Law.

SPECIAL MEETING AND/OR COMMITTEE MEETING ATTENDANCE – AMI’s Community Association Manager will, if requested and advanced scheduling permits, attend Special Board Meetings or Committee Meetings to discuss any of the work that AMI has undertaken since the last meeting and to advise the Association of alternative courses of action.

ANNUAL MEETING ATTENDANCE – AMI’s Community Association Manager will attend the Annual Meeting to answer questions of those in attendance regarding any of the work that AMI has undertaken since the last Annual Meeting. The Community Association Manager will also facilitate the meeting to ensure compliance with the Community’s Documents, and Colorado Law.

ANNUAL MEETING COORDINATION – AMI’s Community management in Colorado is available to handle or coordinate the registration process and the counting of any Ballots. Upon request, the President of AMI is available to conduct the Association’s Annual Meeting.


SPECIFICATION/BID PREPARATION AND COORDINATION – It is important that there be a written contract or agreement between the Association and the vendor anytime a product or service is provided to the Association. AMI will assist in obtaining the documentation for the Association’s records. It is good business practice to obtain competitive bids when dealing with major contracts. To do so, a comprehensive bid package including specifications, should be prepared. AMI can develop such a bid package and has available specifications for many of the types of maintenance projects the Association may require.


CONTRACT AWARDING – This includes gathering and comparing bids for the Board of Directors. Also included is assistance with the review of the contract and help with the direction of expertise needed for various tasks. Review by legal counsel can be coordinated by AMI.


INSPECTION AND OUTSIDE CONTRACTOR PERFORMANCE – This includes the inspection of work by outside contractors for compliance with the contract specifications.


PERSONNEL AND PAYROLL SERVICE – Advanced Management, LLC will manage any on-site staff and provide payroll services through a staff leasing company. AMI has negotiated an outstanding arrangement with the staff leasing company to provide significant savings in most areas of insurance, including especially the workers’ compensation rates. This allows for significant savings in insurance costs to the Association if they would choose to hire an employee directly, or attempt to make similar arrangements through a staff leasing firm. On-site employees have the opportunity to obtain many additional fringe benefits while the Association maintains the flexibility of individual decisions on which items will be reimbursed partially or fully by the Association.

AMI will locate, recruit, train and monitor the performance of all on-site employees. AMI will work with the Board of Directors to develop the job description and listing of regular duties of the employee. AMI will coordinate the hiring, firing, and performance review with the Board of Directors to seek their input and concurrence on such matters.