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Monitoring Water Consumption in a HOA

Monitoring Water Consumption in a HOA
Monitoring water consumption is a valuable practice for homeowner associations. There are several ways to keep track of how much water the properties in the association are using, but many HOAs are turning to monitoring the usage of each residential unit individually.

Colorado has a semi-arid climate, and though we tend to have monsoon rains and plentiful snow to replenish the water supply, it’s important to use only as much water as needed. As the population continues to grow at a rapid pace, maintaining a good water supply is more important than ever.

What can you do to make sure your community isn’t using more water than necessary? There are several options for monitoring water consumption in an HOA.

Monitoring Water Consumption

Reviewing the community’s bills from the water company is the most common way to monitor water consumption. Your bill should show current use as well as year-to-date usage and other useful information that you can use to determine whether a property is using excessive water.

The downside to relying on water bills to monitor consumption is they tend to be very general and only show how much water is used, not how it’s being used. For example, a water bill won’t tell you how much water is used for showering and how much is used for landscaping.

For a more in-depth view, we recommend enrolling in a water conservation program with your water company. Such programs can help you see how your HOA measures up in the bigger picture. They may also install devices to monitor water usage to help you understand exactly where and how water is being used.

Your Colorado HOA management company can help you find the best solution to monitoring water consumption in your HOA. At AMI Colorado, we would be happy to help your homeowner’s association with your needs for water monitoring solutions. To learn more, contact us today.