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Recycling Programs at Rental Properties

recycling program
If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and decrease waste-related expenses while beautifying your property, implementing a recycling program is an excellent idea. To stir up interest and ensure that your tenants stick with the program, though, you may need to get creative.

Here are a few tips to help you implement and maintain a successful recycling program for your rental properties.

  • Communication is key. Let your tenants know in advance that you plan on starting a recycling program, but don’t start there! Though they may be interested initially, the excitement and participation may wear off.According to the EPA, just two to three reminders throughout the year increases participation in recycling programs by as much as 20 percent. Send information directly to your tenants, and post messages in common areas and in the main trash collection area.
  • Evaluate your collection methods. A successful long-term program requires constant evaluation. Take a look at the materials that are most frequently recycled at your properties, and make sure you have enough collection bins.Ask your tenants to provide honest feedback on your current program, and use their input to make it better.
  • Make it easy. Tenants are less likely to participate in a recycling program if doing so is inconvenient. Rather than only having bins in one location, consider placing smaller bins in specific areas. For example, bins for plastic and aluminum in common areas and outdoor spaces encourage tenants to recycle beverage cans and bottles, and a bin for plastics in the laundry room will help your tenants recycle their detergent bottles.
  • Remind your tenants of the positives. Encouraging people to start recycling or to stick with your program isn’t always easy. No one wants to hear a lecture from their landlord, so skip the “doom and gloom” approach. Instead, remind them of the many benefits of recycling.

Starting and Sustaining a Recycling Program

Starting and sustaining a recycling program at your rental properties offers numerous benefits for landlords and tenants alike. You’ll also be reducing your impact on the environment, and green options are appealing to many of today’s prospective tenants.

Unfortunately, these programs are often tricky for busy landlords to manage. At AMI, we can help. Our expert property managers are here to help you set up a recycling program and encourage your tenants to participate long term. To learn more about how we can help with recycling at your rental properties, please contact us today.