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Who’s Job? Property Manager vs Homeowner

property management vs homeowners: whos responsible
Working with a property management company provides numerous benefits to homeowner’s associations. The property manager is responsible for handling many of the day-to-day issues that arise in community associations and for managing the business needs and financials of the association. While property management companies perform numerous services, however, there are still certain responsibilities that fall on the homeowners in the HOA. Sometimes, it isn’t always easy to determine who is responsible for what, though. Let’s take a look at the responsibilities of a property management company versus the responsibilities of HOA members.

Property Manager Responsibilities

It’s natural for dogs to bark, but when that barking is constant or annoys neighbors, it’s a problem. Encourage homeowners to report persistent noise problems to the board, and meet with the pet’s owner to remedy the situation. If dogs being left outside is a problem, the board may want to consider implementing a rule that states all dogs must be kept inside after a certain time, aside from short bathroom breaks, of course.

  • Major repairs
  • Landscaping
  • Regularly scheduled property maintenance
  • HOA financial management
  • Dues collection
  • Maintenance of common areas like parking lots, foyers, etc.

Homeowner Responsibilities

Generally speaking, the property manager is responsible for handling issues that involve common areas and for running the community as a whole. Homeowners are responsible for taking care of their personal spaces and for cleaning up their own messes. Homeowners in HOAs are usually responsible for:

  • Cleaning up after their pets
  • Maintaining building cleanliness in between professional cleanings
  • Placing trash bins and recycling in recycling bins and taking bins to the curb
  • Picking up litter and not littering themselves
  • Reporting vandalism and working with property managers to make repairs after it has occurred

Property management companies play a huge role in the successful operation of countless homeowner and condominium associations. While they perform numerous tasks, they rely on cooperation from homeowners to ensure that the community is kept neat and tidy.

At AMI, our property managers are passionate about what they do, and they work closely with members of the association to establish roles and responsibilities to keep the entire community looking nice and operating smoothly. To learn more about our property management services, please contact us today.