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recruiting people to join your hoa board in colordo

Having an HOA board that sees the value of their work and wants to make the neighborhood a better place can mean the difference between living in a neighborhood everyone loves and living in a place where people are frustrated. However, recruiting people to be on the board can be hard, because everyone is busy. Here’s how to get great board members to come along for the ride.

Encourage the Complainers to Join

If someone or a group of people complain regularly about the actions or decisions of the HOA, this means that they care a lot about the neighborhood and want it to be a better place to live. See if you can get the complainer or a representative from that group to actually join the HOA. Help them realize that those positions are where they can make the most difference in how the neighborhood is run.

Make it Easy

Some people hang back from joining their HOA board because they are afraid of taking on too much. They don’t know how much time being on the board will take and they worry about overcommitting themselves to something they don’t even know if they enjoy! Encourage these people to be on committees or to take on other small tasks. This may give them an introduction to the job that later becomes a bigger commitment.

Spread the Word

A lot of homeowners pay their dues but don’t know much about the HOA beyond that. They may not know who is on the board, what it takes to get involved, when the board meets, what they handle, or anything like that. Send out a regular letter or newsletter to notify people of what the board is doing, projects they are taking on, and more.

Be Honest

Interested homeowners may ask a lot of questions before they are willing to commit to being on the board. These can include, “How much time will this take?” to “What experience is required?” and more. It may be tempting to say that anyone can do it and it doesn’t take much time, but this only produces harried board members who feel like they can’t do the job. Instead, answer honestly so you only get people on the board who are willing to do what it takes to be there.

Let People Use Their Skills

Most of your homeowners have some sort of skill that they love to use. It may be what they do for work, but you can also look for more private passions. Some people may love gardening, writing, or working with numbers. Let these folks know that the HOA board is a great way to use the skills that they have so passionately developed to make their community a better place.

Recruiting new HOA board members doesn’t have to be an arduous task. In fact, it can be fun to try to match people to positions where they could thrive. Making your board fun and enthusiastic will go far towards helping everyone in the area love where they live!